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Why You Should Window Tint Your Car Today

When you see cars drive by with tinted windows, it’s not just for a sharper, more stylish image. Though it does add a little extra to the vehicle, there are also numerous benefits to having tinted windows. Swing by David Stanley Dodge for a window tinting service for sale near Tulsa, OK.

As time progresses, awareness to how harmful UV rays can be is starting to become more common. While sun exposure is healthy and beneficial, there is a limit to how much one can take. Damages to your skin and overall aging process can be affected; even the risk of cancer is a possibility. Which is why tinting the windows on your car can only help prevent these things from occurring.

You can reduce up to an incredible 99% of UV ray exposure inside your vehicle just by installing tint. This helps protect not only you, but also loved ones who are in the car with you. Your little ones and babies can only take so much sun exposure until it becomes dangerous, which is why tinting your windows allows for a convenient and less worrisome drive no matter where you are. Unlike tinted windows, sun screens designed for young children don’t block out all the sunlight, causing more exposure than necessary.

Not only does window tint aid in sun exposure protection, it also helps when collisions happen. Car accidents are sometimes inevitable and always unexpected, but with window tints, there is an extra layer of protection built within the windows. The tint manufacture in the window prevents glass from shattering into smaller pieces when collided with an object, such as a car.


Keeping your belongings in your car can sometimes be a risky move no matter where you are. However, with tinted windows, it adds a new level of privacy. Window tints act as a one-way mirror by reflecting light from the sun, which prevents others from seeing in. People, such as potential thieves, won’t be able to see inside your vehicle while parked at the Tulsa Promenade.

While window tints act as a shield against harmful situations and even people, it also helps save you money as well. Investing in window tinting service near Tulsa, OK, will only help you in the end. With window tints’ power to block out sunlight and warmth, this in turn reduces energy costs overall. The air conditioning is our best friend in the middle of July, which unfortunately uses up a good amount of gas and energy in the process as we blast it on our sweaty faces. But with tinted windows, which are designed to reject heat and sunlight, they reduce the amount of energy needed to cool the car down, up to a whole 60%.

The window tinting service for sale near Tulsa, OK, is a great opportunity to step up protection features for your car, yourself, and your loved ones. Whether it’s from the sun, collisions, or potential burglaries, tinting your cars windows can only benefit you. Head over to David Stanley Dodge to transform your car today.