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When you buy a car, you want to take care of it. You also want it to take care of you. For a great price, you can get impeccable window tinting service near Edmond, OK, that does just that. Come by David Stanley Dodge to start your window tinting process today!

There are multiple reasons why tinting your car windows is something you want to consider. Not only does it add a sleek appeal to your vehicle, it also aids in better driving. Tint helps shield your eyes from direct sunlight, an astounding 99% of ultraviolet rays are reduced, and prevents glare from other objects as you drive, such as a passing car or building. In hotter weather conditions, integrating tint into your windows would be very beneficial. It reduces the heat inside your car by up to 60% – you won’t have to worry about burning your legs from sizzling leather seats again as you drive home from Arcadia Lake in the summer.

While sun exposure is healthy for you, it also can be detrimental if it’s constant and excessive. It not only can damage your skin and age, it can also cause cancer over a prolonged period of time. For younger children and babies, especially, constant exposure to sun is very harmful. While there are window screens designed for that specific purpose, they don’t completely block out all the light. However, window tints do and they prove to be the best solution. You and your family aren’t the only ones who suffer; your car’s interior does as well. Over time, your upholstery can start to warp, fade, or crack. A new car’s interior shouldn’t start cracking after just a few short years of use; prevent it from happening today by checking out the window tinting service near Edmond, OK. 


Window tinting your car not only protects you and your car’s interior from sunlight, it also decreases window shattering in the event of a collision. The elements in window tint prevent glass fragments from breaking into smaller pieces by holding them together more tightly and securely. Take comfort in the fact that you and your family will be protected with the window tint feature from sunlight or even potential car accidents.

Not many people realize the importance and benefits window tinting can offer, not only to you and your loved ones, but also to your vehicle. While it does add an enhanced appearance to your ride, it also adds a whole new layer of protection from your car. Stop in or call David Stanley Dodge to schedule an appointment for a window tinting service near Edmond, OK today.