Special Financing Available In Choctaw

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Did you or your business recently go bankrupt and now you are having a tough time finding a loan to purchase a new or used vehicle?  Don’t worry, because at David Stanley Dodge we are dedicated to helping you get back up on your own two feet again.  We offer several different options when it comes to attaining special financing on a new or used vehicle. 

At David Stanley you can apply for a loan in only a few minutes.  Simply fill out our Finance Application or follow the three easy steps to get pre-approved using the virtual application feature.  Essentially all you need to provide, in addition to your contact information, is the make and model of your desired vehicle and whether you are looking for new or used. 

Most importantly though, we need you to include some information regarding your present financial situation and the amount you would feel comfortable using as a down payment.  We quickly analyze all applications and get back to you when we have determined an affordable and secure loan in respect to your budget.

Find great deals on the most popular models by Dodge, Ram, Jeep and Chrysler using our manufacturer Incentives program.  Deals are kept up to date on our website, with new ones being added frequently.  These typically include 0.00% APR for the first 36 months to help you get a jump start on your loan.  You will be feeling even more comfortable behind the wheel knowing that you can make all your payments on time.

Don’t keep yourself guessing when it comes to your credit score.  Our refined Credit Score Estimator tool can be accessed right from our website to generate your credit score in only a few minutes.  This service does not require the use of a social security number, and will not activate a bureau inquiry when used.

You’ve got all the pieces, so add them up.  The useful Payment Calculator can help you generate your purchasing power instantly.  You just need to enter in your desired monthly payment, a down payment you feel comfortable paying, the trade-in value of your current vehicle, and a projected term length and interest rate to generate your amount. 

The calculator will also help you calculate a feasible monthly payment amount for a specific vehicle you have your eye on.  Simply enter in the vehicle’s price, a down payment you feel comfortable with, the trade-in value of your current vehicle, and your desired term length and interest rate to generate the amount instantly. 

Don’t let bankruptcy rob you of a new or used vehicle.  We know you want to get back on your feet, so come to David Stanley Dodge where we can help you get pre-approved for a car loan.


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