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Remote Start on All Vehicles for $499.99 in Shawnee, OK

Exclusive offer available at David Stanley Dodge!


Picture this: you’re getting ready to leave your house in the dead of winter. It’s dark, it’s cold, and the last thing you want to do is sit in your car for five minutes, waiting for it to heat up. And what about during the summer, when you end up hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable waiting for your car to cool down?

For both of these situations, and everything in between, David Stanley Dodge has the perfect solution by offering an exclusive special for a remote start on all vehicles for $499.99. When you need a remote starter in Shawnee, OK, look no further than David Stanley Dodge for our great savings, outstanding customer service, and exciting promotions.

Adding a remote start to your vehicle is beneficial to you for a number of reasons. During the winter, it’s essential to allow your car to warm up before driving it, as a cold engine could under-perform and cause damage and costly expenses over time. At the same time, you can cause damage to yourself by running in and out of the cold in order to start your car. A remote start solves both of those problems by enabling you to start your vehicle’s engine from the warmth of your home, saving you time, hassle, and headaches.


During warmer months, a remote start will benefit your vehicle as well. Just as freezing temperatures cause problems in the winter, hotter temperatures in the summertime make your vehicle more likely to overheat if not properly ventilated. With the push of a button—from up to 300 ft. away!—the air conditioning will kick on and start cooling down your vehicle. Plus, you won’t ever have to worry about having a steering wheel too hot to touch!

Besides offering a remote start for a great price, the Service Department at David Stanley Dodge offers a highly-trained, customer service-minded team of technicians who are committed to providing a wonderful experience to you and thorough, well-informed maintenance to your vehicle. Whether your vehicle is in for a routine check-up or a major repair, our staff will treat your vehicle with care while providing unmatched comfort and convenience to you. With early and late hours service hours, an express lane option, and free Wi-Fi in the service lounge, we’ve thought of everything to keep our customers happy at David Stanley Dodge.

If you have any questions on our remote start offer, or you’re ready to schedule your installation, give the dedicated staff in the Service Department at David Stanley Dodge a call at 866-714-4315. You deserve the best, and your vehicle deserves the best service, so take advantage of our offer for a remote start on all vehicles for $499.99 in Shawnee, OK today!