David Stanley Dodge

Remote Start on All Vehicles $499.99 in Harrah, OK

Stay Warm in the Winter and Cool in the Summer!


Not all cars come with remote starts, but that doesn’t mean that everyone should have to suffer on cold winter mornings or hot summer days. David Stanley Dodge is offering a remote start on all vehicles for $499.99 in Harrah, OK. No matter if you are driving a new or older model, you will have the ability to start your vehicle from up to 300-ft. away.

Being able to save time in the mornings, especially on those dreadful winter mornings, is a great reason to install a remote start. Now, you don’t have to worry about running outside to start your car. You also won’t have to waste any time sitting in your cold car waiting for it to warm up. Now you can start your car from your warm, comfortable house.

In the summer, one of the worst parts of your day could be having to get inside your stifling car after work. The air is too hot to breathe and you stick to the seats. With a remote start, you can turn on your car beforehand. Your air conditioning will kick in to guarantee the perfect interior temperature for your drive home.

At David Stanley Dodge, not only are we committed to giving you the best customer service, but we are also committed to taking care of your vehicle whenever you bring it in to our shop. So, when you decide to take advantage of our remote start on all vehicles for $499.99 in Hurrah, OK, special, we will be sure that everything is installed correctly. While we are under the hood, our certified technicians will be sure to check other mechanical systems throughout your car, in case there are any hidden problems. If we find something, we will be sure to let you know, so you can decide whether or not to address the issue right away, or at a later date. We don’t want you to have to worry about major mechanical issues down the road if they can be avoided.


We know that you are busy and your days packed with work and activities, so our service department is open late six days a week for your convenience. While we service your vehicle, you are welcome to enjoy our comfortable service lounge. Before you know it, you’ll be back on the road with a newly installed remote start. At David Stanley Dodge we take pride in our work and always make sure that your vehicle is running safely.

Don’t sit through another freezing winter or sweltering summer. Come in to David Stanley Dodge today for our remote start on all vehicles for $499.99 in Harrah, OK special today.