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Oil Change Service near Newalla, OK

Getting your regular maintenance is one of the largest responsibilities of owning a vehicle, so of course we at David Stanley Dodge want to invite you in to take advantage of our oil change service near Newalla, OK. Our highly-trained and efficient Service Department will have you in and out in no time, and confident that your vehicle is running at peak condition. To schedule an appointment, give us a call at 877-853-3755 today!

Although a simple three letter word, oil is comprised of dozens of chemicals. Its top-quoted function is lubrication, because that’s a simple and easily-understand concept to grasp. With dozens of metal components all working hard to keep your engine up and running every time you hop in, it’s feasible that they need some oil to prevent grinding, scraping, and friction. Friction causes heat, which isn’t good for engine function. That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to oil’s functions, though. Oil also contains detergents and dispersents that strive to keep your engine clean. They lift the dirt and gunk particles and sweep them through the filter so they don’t cause build-up. The mere presence of oil actually prevents rust and corrosion since it blocks any contact with oxygen. Not to mention that it can contain dozens of other additives that promote the overall well-being of your powerhouse!

This magical compound doesn’t last forever, though, which is why it’s important to come in for your oil change service near Newalla, OK, at regular intervals. As time goes on, the once fresh, amber-colored oil will become thicker and dark, taking on a molasses-like consistency. This reduces its ability to lubricate and remove build-up. Anti-corrosives and detergents deteriorate, and the level of oil diminishes. All of these unfavorable words are a good indication of how dirty oil impacts your vehicle: negatively.

We at David Stanley Dodge have a vested mission to make it as easy as possible to attain an appointment. You can call us and have one of our staff set the maintenance time for you, you can fill out our handy online Schedule Appointment form, or you can simply swing on by to our Service Department!

With so many ways to take advantage of our oil change service near Newalla, OK, there’s no reason not to come in! Enjoy our comfortable waiting room with an endless supply of coffee and Wi-Fi because we know that those are the essentials for any wait. We at David Stanley Dodge hope to see you soon!  

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