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Tire Rotation Service near Newcastle, OK


Help Your Tires Last! 

“Rotate” can have a lot of meanings. Your tires rotate as you drive down the road, so why do you need to come in for a tire rotation service near Newcastle, OK? David Stanley Dodge has learned that it’s a pretty common misconception, so let’s learn more about what it means when people say “rotate your tires”!

In this case, “rotate” means something more along the lines of “switch”. For instance, your front right tire will be moved to become your back right tire. They can be swapped diagonally or straight across, whichever direction will help extend your tires' lifespan. How can this help your tires last longer? Excellent question! First, you have to understand how tread wear on tires work. Your front tires are likely to wear down sooner, since they propel the vehicle forward and the back wheels simply follow. They also get the brunt of turning wear, so their side walls become worn down, as well. By rotating the position of your tires every six months, you can avoid having to replace your tires one by one as they lose traction – which can get time-consuming and confusing, at the end of the day.

Our tire rotation service near Newcastle, OK, is performed by highly trained technicians with all of the latest technology up-to-date know-how. We have convenient business hours and several ways to go about getting your appointment. To prevent any long wait times, you can schedule your appointment online or over the phone. Our online form requires the bare necessities of information about you, your vehicle, what service you’re visiting us for, and when you’d like to come in – it’s a hassle free way to reserve your time and give us a heads-up! You’re always welcome to simply head on over to our Midwest City, OK, location, though, because we do accept walk-ins! Wait times may vary, though. 


During your tire rotation is a great time to have us check your brakes, too. As one of the most important parts of your vehicle, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on them and, since we’ve already got the wheels off, it’s an opportune time to check the thickness of your pads. We’ll also perform a multi-point inspection and run it through the carwash for you, so it’s squeaky clean when you pick it up!

We at David Stanley Dodge want you to get the most out of your drive, so come on in for your tire rotation service near Newcastle, OK. Uneven wear on your treads can effect performance, traction, and even your fuel efficiency. Give us a call at 866-714-4315 and schedule an appointment today!