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Remote Start on All Vehicles $499.99 in Wheatland, OK


Start Your Vehicle with the Push of a Button

Between hot summer days and cold winter nights, the ability to remote start your vehicle is becoming more of a need than just a convenience. If this is a feature you’ve been dreaming of since you first drove your car, then you’re in luck. At David Stanley Dodge, you can get a remote start on all vehicles for $499.99 in Wheatland, OK .

There are many benefits to installing a remote start into your vehicle. The most obvious is that you can easily start your car on those particularly cold Oklahoma winter mornings without having to go outside and wait. Not only will the interior of your vehicle be toasty warm for your commute, but so will your engine. A warm engine performs better, allowing engine fuels to flow properly, so you won’t have to worry about your car stuttering and stopping.

On those hot summer days, it might not seem necessary to start your car before you drive away, but wouldn’t it be nice to open the car door and feel the nice comforting cool air conditioned air. When you use a remote start, the electronics and climate controls that you had running when you stopped your engine will turn back on. This means that you will be able to cool off the interior of your vehicle on those hot days. No more worrying about having to sit on a hot leather seat.


When you come in to David Stanley Dodge for our remote start on all vehicles for $499.99 in Wheatland, OK, special, you will have our guarantee that your remote start will be installed correctly the first time by our service department . Not only will we give you the quality work you’d expect from David Stanley Dodge, but we will also take a look over the rest of your vehicle. Our certified technicians are trained to spot signs of future issues before they start to affect your vehicle. This means you will be able to address issues before they cause serious mechanical problems.

We know you are busy and we know that you would love to add a remote start to your vehicle. So, our service department is open late six days a week. You can bring in your vehicle at your convenience and we will be sure to get you back on the road as soon as possible, remote start all ready to go.

Come in today to take advantage of our remote start on all vehicles for $499.99 in Wheatland, OK. At David Stanley Dodge , we take pride in our ability to make sure your vehicle is running smoothly. Come in for more information.