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Remote Start on All Vehicles for $499.99 in Spencer, OK


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As the weather grows colder and the days grow shorter, you probably find yourself wishing more and more that your daily commute, weekend getaway, or quick errand around the corner could begin with the press of a button instead of the hassle of heading outside to start your car. At David Stanley Dodge, we’re here to offer you a convenient, affordable, and practical solution to this problem: a remote start on all vehicles for $499.99 in Spencer, OK!

Many people are unaware of how valuable a feature like a remote start can be until after they’ve experienced the benefits firsthand—and from then on, they can’t understand how they could get by without it! During freezing weather, for example, having a remote start will allow you to spend as much time as possible in the warmth of your home or office. You’ll be able to start your vehicle’s engine from up to 300 ft. away, and not have to worry about braving the elements. The same is true for balmy Oklahoma summers, where the thought of a stuffy cabin, a hot steering wheel, and needing to allow time for your vehicle to cool down before you drive it no longer has to be a concern to you or your family.


At the same time, having a vehicle equipped with a remote start is also very beneficial for your vehicle itself. During the colder months, it becomes necessary to allow your vehicle adequate time to warm up before starting it in order to ensure it runs properly. This way, you can curtail potential damages that could occur from driving a vehicle that is too cold to function the way it should. In hot weather, starting your vehicle remotely will cool the engine and help prevent overheating. 

If you’ve always wanted a remote start on your vehicle, there’s never been a better place to have it installed than the Service Department at David Stanley Dodge. Our knowledgeable and experienced technicians will treat both you and your vehicle with the care and respect you deserve, working hard to complete the remote start installation quickly and expertly. As an added bonus, we even offer convenient evening and weekend hours, as well as a drop-off service, so you can be sure to fit an appointment into your busy schedule. 

Stop by David Stanley Dodge today to take advantage of our offer of a remote start on all vehicles for $499.99 in Spencer, OK. You can find our conveniently-located dealership and Service Department at 7609 SE 29th St., off of I-40 in Midwest City, OK.