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Remote Start on All Vehicles $499.99


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David Stanley Dodge is offering Remote Starts on all vehicles for only $499.99. Imagine starting your engine from up to 300-feet away. Imagine stepping into your car on the coldest day and having a nice warm interior waiting for you or escaping the heat with a cool air conditioned car in the summer.

Winter is rough. The season takes a toll on both you and your vehicle. After sitting in the cold for hours every morning and every evening, it takes a while before your car is ready to get on the move, whether you’re in a hurry or not. If you just don’t want to have to sit and wait in a cold car or if you don’t want to have to worry about your windows defrosting in enough time to get to your destination, then a remote start is exactly what you need before the next winter freeze.

The technicians at David Stanley Dodge are certified to work on any make and model, so they know exactly what your specific car needs when it comes to service and repairs. This means that you don’t have to worry about a thing when you come into David Stanley Dodge to have your Remote Start installed. Your vehicle is in the hands of our technicians, who, while properly installing your new Remote Start, will keep an eye out for any signs of future problems, so you can get everything fixed to avoid issues down the road.


When you come in to David Stanley Dodge to take advantage of the Remote Starts on all vehicles for $499.99 offer, you don’t have to worry about time inconveniences. At David Stanley Dodge, we offer a variety of service schedule options that will help you out. Do you need to drop your vehicle off early? We have Early Bird drop off and a service shuttle that can take you where you need to go. Can you only bring in your vehicle on a Saturday? We have Saturday appointments available.

If you are able to wait in the shop, we have a comfortable service lounge with free Wi-Fi, so feel free to bring along your tablet or laptop to get some extra work done. Or, connect with your smartphone stream a show to help the time fly by.

Don’t let the winter winds and snow get you or your car down this year. Don’t wait for your car to warm up while you freeze. Add the convenience of a Remote Start to your vehicle today. Call David Stanley Dodge at (866)714-4315 to make an appointment to take advantage of the Remote Starts on all vehicles for $499.99 offer in Midwest City.

See dealer for details on Remote Starter offer.