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Ram Diesel Trucks For Sale In Edmond

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Don’t let your vehicle let you down when on the job.  From construction workers to flower shop owners, many people rely on an automobile not just to get them to work, but to actually do their work.  Ram diesel trucks for sale in Edmond will give you the power boost you need to get through the work day.

The Ram ProMaster®, a large commercial cargo van with Best-in-Class payload1, is perfect for any small business or restaurant.  It comes in 9 different colors and can tow up to 5,100 pounds on its hitch.  The incredibly efficient 3.0L Ecodiesel 14 Engine works hand in hand with the class-exclusive automated clutchless manual transmission2 to achieve an impressive 174 horsepower and 295 pounds per foot of torque.

Getting stuck in narrow alleys is a thing of the past.  With the 260-degree Rear-Door openings, the ProMaster® can snake its way in and out of tight space while still being able to fully open its rear doors which fold almost flat to the side of the van.  With built in 90-degree and 180-degree detents, the doors allow you to adjust for whatever unloading situation you may encounter.

This premium cargo van automatically comes with fries on the side.  The 49-inch sliding side door openings allow multiple access and loading points for your dense cargo load.  All three openings are wide enough for standard pallets to be easily loaded or unloaded using a forklift.

Once inside, there is an abundance of space for a wide variety of materials and supplies.  The almost 90-degree vertical side walls make it easy to stack boxes from floor to ceiling to get the most out of the space.  The 21-inch floor-to-ground step in height also adds added space by removing the driveshaft beneath the vehicle’s body.  Easily step up and walk into this spacious and customizable area that can haul up to 4,440 pounds of payload.

Everything is at your command in the Ram ProMaster® with the Uconnect® Command Center.  This system features a 5-inch Uconnect® Touchscreen, Voice Command with Bluetooth®3, hands-free calling4, navigation5, SiriusXM® Satellite Radio and more to keep you in business when on the move!

Get ahead of the curve with the 3500’s amazing 36-foot turning diameter!  Effortlessly maneuver in and out of narrow alleys, cramped loading docks and busy city streets with this best-in-class capability to keep you on schedule.  The class-exclusive Front-Wheel-Drive System is an added bonus with its lightweight construction and responsive handling. 

If you have a good business sense, you’ll likely want to check out Ram diesel trucks for sale in Edmond.  We offer a wide variety of vehicles designed to get the most out of your business while keeping you safe and secure.

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(1)  Based on latest available competitive information.  Class is based on large commercial van segment (Class 2).

(2)  Based on latest available competitive information.  Class is based on large commercial van segment (Class 2).

(3)  Requires a mobile phone equipped with the Bluetooth® Hands-Free Profile.  Visit UconnectPhone.com for system and device compatibility.

(4)  The Uconnect® Phone requires a mobile phone equipped with the Bluetooth® Hands-Free Profile.  To check phone compatibility please visit UconnectPhone.com.

(5)  Available option.