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4 Oil Changes for $65 in Wheatland, OK


Don't Let Your Next Oil Change Sneak Up On You

Have you ever looked at the sticker on your windshield and realized that you were overdue for an oil change? Has this ever happened when you were low on funds? Now you won’t have to worry. At David Stanley Dodge, you can get 4 oil changes for $65 in Wheatland, OK. This means your car will be covered for its next four oil changes so you won’t have to worry about paying when its time for another change.

Oil changes tend to be one of the regular maintenance appointments that is forgotten. This is because there aren’t usually mechanical signs that you are overdue. For example, your vehicle may not make any noises or lose any noticeable performance. However, when you don’t have your oil changed every so many miles, which can be found in your owner’s manual, you can start the buildup of issues deep inside your engine.

As oil ages, it loses its viscosity. This viscosity is what helps keep engine parts lubricated and working properly. As the viscosity is lost, parts start to rub against each other, causing heat and friction inside the engine. This friction can start to wear down parts, causing your engine to lose performance and eventually causing serious mechanical failures down the road. Making sure you change your oil as recommended is important, so be sure to take advantage of our 4 oil changes for $65 in Wheatland, OK, special.


To prevent any damage, you want to make sure that you are not only changing your oil as suggested by the manufacturer, but that you are using the correct oil for your engine. There are many different types of oil on the market and your mechanic can suggest which one is best for your specific vehicle. For example, if your car is pushing 75,000 miles, you might want an oil made specifically for older vehicles. This type of oil is made to help keep flexibility in vital seals to prevent leaks.

Conventional oil is perfect for your everyday car, but if you are driving an engine built for work, then you should consider a synthetic blend. This blend mixes conventional oil with the special additives of synthetic. Pure synthetic oil is best for high-tech and high-revving engines. Synthetic oils tend to have a longer lasting viscosity to keep hard working engines going longer.

To keep your vehicle running at optimum performance, be sure to pay attention to the sticker on your window. Stop in to David Stanley Dodge today to take advantage of our 4 oil changes for $65 in Wheatland, OK, special. When you buy it now, you won’t have to worry about paying for the next one.