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Oil Change Offer in Spencer, OK


Save Time, Money, and Hassle at David Stanley Dodge!

We’ve all been there: on the way to work, school, or an errand, the oil change indicator light comes on in your car and you realize how long you’ve gone without taking your vehicle in for service. But your life is busy, and you aren’t sure when you can fit an appointment into your schedule or your budget. That’s where David Stanley Dodge comes in. With our affordable and convenient oil change offer in Spencer, OK, you can be back on the road in no time with the service you need—all without breaking the bank at four oil changes for $65!

So why are oil changes so important? Regular oil changes play a huge role in maintaining your vehicle’s performance, as well as its overall well-being, which is why most manufacturers recommend an oil change once every 3 months or 3,000 miles. Oil also helps to keep the many moving parts of your engine running smoothly, and contributes to important functions like fuel efficiency, acceleration, and shifting. What’s more, engine oil prevents dirt and sludge from accumulating, which in turn can help your car avoid overheating, damage, and malfunction. 

Since regular oil changes are so essential, it’s also important to check your vehicle's owner's manual for the recommended oil change interval, and also ensure they are performed with care and expertise. You can count on both at the Service Department at David Stanley Dodge. Our knowledgeable and accommodating service professionals make the entire oil change process both convenient and hassle-free, treating both you and your vehicle with the respect you deserve. You’ll be in and out of your appointment quickly with superior service, all on top of receiving our budget-friendly offer of four oil changes for $65 in Spencer, OK.


Along with top-rated service and affordable programs, you’ll find plenty of benefits and conveniences when you choose David Stanley Dodge. Our Service Department offers flexible scheduling options, easy early-bird drop-off, a shuttle service, and an express lane program, meaning you can always find a time that works with your needs. We also provide a spacious and welcoming waiting area for our service customers, which includes complimentary Wi-Fi access. 

Whether your everyday vehicle is used for errands, commuting, carpooling, or adventures, regular oil changes will help you get there and maintain your vehicle’s performance. And at David Stanley Dodge, our oil change offer in Spencer, OK, will help you save both time and money while providing you with leading service and care. Give us a call today at 866-714-4315 to schedule your next oil change!