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Oil Change Service near Newcastle, OK


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Are you looking for a dependable dealership to get your oil change service near Newcastle, OK? David Stanley Dodge is happy to step up and take that position. Our highly trained technicians, friendly staff, and competitive prices make us the ideal place to have your regular maintenance. Our primary concern is your satisfaction -- give us a call at 866-714-4315 and we’ll prove it!

Some dealerships charge exorbitant prices for oil changes, a routine maintenance that all vehicles must complete anywhere between 3,000 to 10,000 miles, depending on the year, make, and model. This service appointment is crucial to keeping your vehicle running and, in fact, can cause total engine failure if not eventually completed. Over time, oil gums up and loses its ability to lubricate, which can leave your engine struggling as metal grinds against metal, causing friction. Heat build up doesn’t do any favors for the performance of your vehicle, not to mention the extra gas burned from additional effort exerted, reducing your fuel efficiency and costing you more each and every time you stop at the pump. On top of everything listed above, oil also inhibits corrosion and improves sealing.


If you’re not sure of the last time you changed your oil, it’s best to come in and have us swap it out, but there are a few easy ways to determine if your oil is fresh. The dipstick on top of the oil container can be pulled out -- if the oil is liquidy and amber colored, it should be doing its job lubricating the engine. If it’s dark, textured, and thick, it’s time to change it.

Since it’s so important to regularly get your oil change service near Newcastle, OK, how can these dealers reason such hefty prices? David Stanley Dodge always has competitive prices and offers coupons to make it it even more affordable. Schedule your appointment online, over the phone, or at our on-site service department. Our Service Advisors are knowledgeable and happy to go over the specifics of every service appointment. We’ll chat about regular versus synthetic oil, how often you’ll need to come in, and what works best for your lifestyle. While you’re here, we’ll perform a multi-point inspection, top off your fluids, and run your vehicle through the carwash so it’s sparkling in the summer sun when you pick it up!

David Stanley Dodge knows how to properly treat customers. We only hire friendly, capable staff to work with our customers for their oil change service near Newcastle, OK. Our easy-to-find location and convenient business hours are designed with you in mind, as well, so head on over to 7609 SE 29th Street in Midwest City, OK, to complete your routine maintenance today!