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Chrysler Tire Price Match Guarantee in Wheatland, OK


Guaranteed the Best Price For Chrysler Tires from the Place with the Best Service

Tires are vital, but are a mostly overlooked part of your vehicle. They are what keep you headed in the right direction, literally. If your tires start to wear thin, you could find yourself slipping and sliding on even dry streets. So, keeping fresh tires on your car is essential. And, if you drive a Chrysler, the best way to do that is with our Chrysler tire price match guarantee in Wheatland, OK, at David Stanley Dodge.

Tires can get expensive. So, to help make sure you stay safe on the road with new tires underneath you, we are offering a price match guarantee on Chrysler tires. This means that if you happen to find a better, lower price on Chrysler tires from another shop, let us know and we will match it.

We keep our tire prices competitive with other shops, but sometimes better prices pop up at other shops. Instead of taking your Chrysler to a different service department, especially one you’ve never been to before, you can bring your Chrysler to us for the same price. Stick with the reliable service you know and trust while still getting a great price.


When you take advantage of our Chrysler tire price match guarantee in Wheatland, OK, you’re sure to get the best price on tires. When you come in to the David Stanley Dodge service department, our certified technicians will also take that opportunity to check other aspects of your Chrysler for signs of future mechanical problems. So, not only will you know your tires have been serviced with quality work and commitment to perfection, but you will also know if there are any other issues arising that should be addressed.

Unsure about when you should get a new set of tires? There are a few sure-fire ways you can tell that your tires might be on their last legs. Are you consistently losing air pressure? There could be a puncture or a leak. Is there a strange bulge? You may have hit a curb too hard. Are the treads worn down? You are losing traction.

If you are still unsure, especially about your quality of tread, then you can always rely on the “penny test.” All you need is a penny, Lincoln side facing you, the top of his head pointing down. Slip the penny between two of your treads. If you can’t see the top of Lincoln’s head, then you should be fine. If you can, then you should head over to our service department.

Don’t worry about paying too much for your tires. If you find a better price, take advantage of our Chrysler tire price match guarantee in Wheatland, OK. At David Stanley Dodge, we are committed to making sure your Chrysler is running smoothly.