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Chrysler Tire Price Match Guarantee in Oklahoma City


Price Match Guarantee On All Chrysler Tires at David Stanley Dodge

Are you a longtime customer of David Stanley Dodge and value the work we do for you?  Great!  Have you found the new tires you want for your cherished Chrysler but for a better price somewhere else?  Even better!  That’s because we won’t make you run around in circles trying to negotiate our price lower and lower. 

You show us the proof of a better deal and we can guarantee you a Chrysler tire price match in Oklahoma City.  We value your business just as much as you do our service and would never let a few bucks get between us.

Don't Retreat, Just Retread

Outside of obvious damage such as a slashed or blown out tire, it is crucial to still keep an eye on your vehicle's tires.  The more you use them, the more the treads become worn down. 

This takes away your vehicle's traction, especially in slippery conditions such as rain, ice and snow.  Ultimately, less traction means more risk to the safety of yourself and others.

It’s an easy fix, and a quick one too.  Our comfortable service lounge is the perfect place to take a load off while we get your vehicle set up with your new tires.  We know you have your own priorities and work to do, so we offer free Wi-Fi. 

We appreciate your patience and do our best to accommodate your schedule, so we also offer a shuttle service, an express lane program, and the choice of early bird drop-off in case you don’t have the time to spare.


Only the Best

All of our certified technicians know cars inside and out and have significant experience working on all Chrysler models.  They will keep an eye out for any other issues or damaged parts when they install new tires so that you can get them fixed.  We want to make sure your Chrysler is running at top performance down a long road of satisfaction, so that’s why we’re offer you a tire price match guarantee.  Holding off and waiting for our price to drop won’t make a difference if the opportunity comes too late.  Our experienced technicians are experts on all cars and can easily determine the state of your tires.  They are dedicated to not only getting you the best service, but to getting you the best service at the best possible price.

Simply stop by David Stanley Dodge or give us a call at (866) 714-4315 to schedule an appointment today for your Chrysler tire price match guarantee in Oklahoma City, OK.