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Chrysler Certified Pre-owned Vehicles for Sale in Spencer, OK

Used Car or Certified Pre-Owned Car? Make the Right Choice!


Are you in the market for a great Chrysler vehicle, but aren’t sure if you can afford buying a new one? At David Stanley Dodge you can get a pre-owned Chrysler at a price that fits into your budget. With plenty of Chrysler certified pre-owned vehicles for sale in Spencer, OK, to choose from, you are certain to find exactly what you are looking for.

Purchasing a used car can be stressful. You never know how the previous owner treated the vehicle, or what kind of condition it is really in. It’s possible that you could have to deal with major mechanical issues soon after you purchase it. However, when you buy a certified pre-owned vehicle, you’re guaranteed to get a high quality, dependable vehicle for a used car price.

At David Stanley Dodge, our team of certified technicians take every one of our pre-owned Chryslers and put it through a thorough 125-point inspection. In order to become certified, each vehicle must pass this inspection with flying colors. If we find large issues, small malfunctions, or signs of future problems, we fix them up before the vehicle even hits the lot. When you purchase a certified pre-owned Chrysler, you won’t have to worry about mechanical issues after you drive it home.


To help give you peace of mind about the history of your new pre-owned car, all our Chrysler certified pre-owned vehicles for sale in Spencer, OK, come with a CARFAX® Vehicle History Report™. This report will tell you everything from the vehicle registration to the service and repair information. You will have a history of odometer readings, prior airbag deployments, and vehicle usage. With CARFAX® you’ll know as much about your pre-owned vehicle as you would if you purchased a brand new car.

One of the many benefits of purchasing a new car is the warranty. Sometimes, when you purchase a used car, you don’t have the option of purchasing a warranty. However, when you purchase a Chrysler certified pre-owned vehicle, you also get an impressive 7-year/100,000-mile1 powertrain limited warranty and a 3-month/3,000-mile2 maximum car warranty. This means that, from the original sale date, you will have all of your repair or replacement costs covered for major powertrain components for up to 7-years or 100,000-miles1. Similarly, you will have up to 3-months or 3,000 miles2 of coverage on a variety of other parts as well.

So, if you are interested in purchasing a Chrysler, but aren’t sure if you can afford a new one, then come in to David Stanley Dodge. Test drive one of our Chrysler certified pre-owned vehicles for sale in Spencer, OK. Experience the difference between a used car and a certified pre-owned Chrysler.


1. 7-Years/100,000-Miles (whichever comes first) for late model vehicles. Powertrain Limited Warranty runs from the date vehicle was sold as new. Your Powertrain Limited Warranty may be transferred only ONCE — to the person to whom you sell or transfer your Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle. There is a fee of $150 for this transfer, and the transfer must be recorded and the fee paid at an authorized Chrysler Group LLC dealer. A deductible applies. See dealer for details.

2. 3-Months/3,000-Miles (whichever comes first). Maximum Care Limited Warranty runs from the date of sale of the vehicle or at the expiration of the 3/36 Basic Warranty. For more details and a copy of the limited warranties, see your dealer or call 1-800-677-5782.