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Certified Pre-Owned Dodge for Sale Near Edmond, OK

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Purchasing a Dodge can be a pricy endeavor, but wouldn’t it be nice if it didn’t have to be? At David Stanley Dodge, you can come in and take a look for a Certified Pre-Owned Dodge for sale near Edmond, OK, for a vehicle that’s in great condition, and comes at a significantly lower price.

Don’t let the “pre-owned” scare you off from purchasing a used vehicle. When you come to David Stanley Dodge, all of our Dodge pre-owned vehicles are certified, which means they’ve already been inspected, refurbished, and certified by a manufacturer for any faulty features the car may have had previously. What’s even better is that next to any of the certified vehicles on our site, there is a blurb that describes the car and the previous owner/owners. Also, the cars come with a CarFax vehicle history report, so you know exactly what you’re buying.

Whether you’re looking for a Dodge Dart, or a Dodge Avenger, we have options. You can look at our inventory of pre-owned Dodge’s on our website which offers a variety of options you can choose from such as color, fuel economy, and mileage for your pre-owned Dodge. You can also view photos of the vehicle in the condition it is in, such as the interior, exterior, and engine, so you can have an idea of what to expect before you stop in at David Stanley Dodge. 


Though there are differences between each Certified Pre-Owned Dodge for sale near Edmond, OK, there are a handful of similarities that come standard on every Dodge vehicle. You can utilize the Compare Vehicle feature that allows a convenient way of comparing two or even six vehicles at once on one page, which highlight transmission, trim, and drivetrain side-by-side. There is even a list at the bottom of every vehicle that showcase all the features that specific Dodge has, such as what type of radio, if it has steering wheel mounted controls, and storage compartment areas. It’s a very handy tool if you’re stuck deciding between two vehicles.

Once you’ve selected a vehicle, or are interested in learning more about the monthly payments or overall price, you have the ability to get Pre-Approved by filling out a short form right on our website. There is the option to Drive it Now, which allows you to instantly figure out approximated monthly payments based on your credit. Whichever way you prefer, both are a convenient and easy way to access more information about payment. 

When you’re in the market for a Certified Pre-owned Dodge for sale near Edmond, OK, David Stanley Dodge offers a generous inventory of Dodge vehicles for your specific needs and wants. Shop our online inventory or stop in at our location at 7609 SE 29th St. to talk with a sales representative to assist you with any question you may have. We are more than happy to help.